Get perfect fitting Contact Lenses

Whether your glasses get in the way of your active lifestyle or you want a new look, contact lenses might be for you. With the latest in contact lens technology, patients have more options than ever. Before you can pop a new pair in, you will need to schedule a contact lens fitting with an optometrist.

If you have presbyopia or an astigmatism, you may have had difficulty finding contact lenses which fit comfortably and also adequately correct your visual acuity. With multifocal contacts and hard (rigid gas permeable) lenses, we have plenty of options available for individuals in need of “hard to fit” contact lenses.

Dr. Sanwari, our in-house optometrist, will work with you to determine the best contact lens choice for you – depending on your visual acuity needs, activities and personal preferences.

What to expect during a contact lens fitting

During a contact lens fitting, our optometrist first assesses the health of the patient’s eyes to ensure he or she is a good candidate for contact lenses, as certain eye conditions can make contact lens wear unsafe or uncomfortable.

When the patient is deemed a candidate for contacts, our optometrist will then perform a visual acuity test. This ensures your new contact lenses are ordered with an up-to-date corrective lens prescription. The optometrist will also take measurements of the patient’s eyes (recording the corneal curvature, pupil size and iris size) to determine the right type, size and fit of contact lenses.

Our optometrist will also discuss preferences for contact lens wear with the patient. This might include asking questions such as:

How often do you want to change your contacts?

Will you be responsible for cleaning and caring for your contacts?

Do you plan to sleep in your contacts?

Are you ready for a new look?

Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam or lens fitting with our resident optometrist – Dr. Sanwari.

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