Myopia Management

Myopia Management

Myopia is a condition where vision may be blurry and far away, also known as shortsightedness or nearsightedness. This occurs when the eyeball has too much depth from front to back or when the cornea (lens of the eye) is too convex or curved to process light normally. Myopia will present most often in children before they reach adulthood.
Myopia management is the process of slowing the progression of myopia in children that are at risk for developing high myopia. Some risk factors include: development of Myopia at an early age, one or both parents with myopia and increased near work including school work and screen time.

What are the symptoms of Myopia?

Myopia symptoms can develop slowly over time or a rapid onset – you should speak with an optometrist right away if you or someone in your home is suffering with any of these eye issues:
If your child is having problems reading the board at school, there is likely a vision issues such as Myopia that needs to be addressed. Untreated myopia will continue impact vision, potentially causing more serious eye disorders and even blindness.

How can I protect my child's eyes from Myopia?

Many eye experts are discovering that myopia presents less often in children wearing multifocal lenses than those wearing single vision lenses and believe that some contacts and single-vision lenses may contribute to myopia development.

Time outside in the sunshine and away from digital screens can help delay early onset of myopia.

How do you treat and manage Myopia?

Prescription lenses for children with Myopia will help them see clearly but will not help to slow their prescription from increasing and their vision becoming blurry. At Innovision Family Eyecare we strive to find the best resources for our patients and their vision. For children at high risk or suffering with symptoms of Myopia may be prescribed one of our specialty lenses.
MiSight® 1 day by CooperVision are child-friendly daily disposable soft contact treatment to slow the progression of Myopia in kids.
Approved by the FDA, these lenses are proven to slow the progression of nearsightenedness in children aged 8-12. Your child will experience clear vision free from glasses while slowing the progression of their myopia.
MOONLENS® Ortho-K lenses are specifically designed for each unique eye and its prescription.
These hard lenses are worn while your child sleeps, reshaping the cornea curvature and allowing light to focus properly on the retina. Most patients enjoy seeing clearly all day long without the use of glasses or daytime contact lenses.
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