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No matter the type of vision correction you require, you will have lots of choices when selecting your new eyeglasses. In addition to finding a frame in a color, material, weight and style that fits comfortably and complements your features, you will also have several options regarding the type of lenses you order to be put into the frames you select.

Why is it important to choose the right type of lenses?

When selecting a new pair of eyeglasses, choosing the right lenses is even more important than finding the right frames. Although frames affect your appearance and comfort while wearing glasses, the type of lenses you select can affect your comfort, appearance, visual acuity and your safety because eyeglass lenses can be manufactured from all sorts of materials, in different designs and with a variety of added features.

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  • Single Vision Lenses

    These lenses correct a single visual acuity problem.

  • Distance Lenses

    These lenses correct vision for individuals who are nearsighted (myopia). Typically, nearsighted individuals wear their glasses all of the time, even while performing up-close work.

  • Reading Lenses

    These lenses are used to correct presbyopia (farsightedness). These lenses can blur distance vision, so farsighted individuals usually only wear their reading glasses when reading a book, doing computer work, looking at a menu or dialing a number on the phone.

  • Multifocal Lenses

    These lenses correct multiple visual acuity problems in a single lens.

  • Anti-Fatigue Lenses

    These lenses are designed for those experiencing visual fatigue such as eye strain, blurry vision, and headaches that generates from extensive use of digital devices.

  • Bifocal Lenses

    A bifocal lens has two lens in one - at bottom and top - to correct vision. This allows you to see close up or far away in a single prescription.

  • Trifocal Lenses

    In addition to reading and distance, trifocals feature an intermediary zone for middle-range vision.

  • Progressive Lenses

    Progressive lenses have two or more strengths, but feature no visible line.

  • Technically Advanced Lenses

    These modern lenses offer cutting-edge features, such as digitally surfaced lenses, lenses designed to prevent computer strain with blue light protection, Invisibles UV, and Transitions lenses which are designed to enhance vision and protect eyesight from the sun, ensuring comfort and clear vision in any level of light.

  • Occupational lenses

    Occupational lenses are designed for ergonomics and to be comfortable for use in limited work spaces - such as clearer vision when on the computer or reading up close.

Finding the right lenses in Katy, Tx.

At Innovision Family Eyecare, we provide a complete, in-house optical department to meet all of your glasses and contact lens needs. Our skilled opticians will help you select the right frames and lenses, depending on your work, activities and lifestyle, to best meet your vision correction needs.

To learn more about our optical department or to schedule a vision exam to update your corrective lens prescription, we welcome you to contact our office today.

Additional Treatment Options

In addition to selecting the right type of lens for your new eyeglasses, you also have several options for lens treatments which can be added to your lenses to enhance their performance and longevity.

These treatments include options, such as:

Scratch Resistant Coating

Anti-Reflective Coating

UV Blocking Treatment

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