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Learning more about Dry Eyes

Tear production is a necessary part of a healthy eye, producing lubrication and clear vision for the front of the eye. Each time you blink, your tears produce a tear film that keeps the surface of the eye moist and protected. A dry eye condition is present when there are not enough tears present to properly care for the eye – resulting in discomfort and other symptoms. There are diseases that impact the eye such as Sjogren’s Syndrome and cause a persistent dry eye condition.

How does Dry Eye impact you?

The most common symptoms include a stinging or burning sensation, redness or irritation of and around the eyes, light sensitivity, a feeling like something is stuck in your eye, blurry vision, the presence of mucus. Some people may experience discomfort and or pain when wearing contact lenses as a result of dry eyes.

There are several courses of treatment for Dry eyes after diagnosis. While there is no instant remedy, there are various kinds of eye drops and artificial tears used to effectively treat dry eye conditions. Your eye care doctor may prescribe a particular steroid eye drop or eye lubricant to you. In some cases, punctal plugs, LibiFlow, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), or a Meibomian Gland Expression procedure may be recommended.

Home Remedies for Dry Eye

Home remedies for dry eye include warm compresses and over-the-counter eye drops and artificial tears. Always closely follow the directions for such products and immediately visit your eye doctor if symptoms fail to disappear or worsen. Dry eyes are not only uncomfortable, but if left untreated puts your eyes at higher risk of infection and damage, and can permanently harm your vision.

What can you do to keep your eyes moist naturally? It boils down to taking good care of your eyes through basic good practices like taking frequent breaks while using a computer or screen. Invest in high quality sunglasses that protect your eyes from all harmful rays and remember to wear them! Nutritional supplements and daily vitamins promote good health, even in the eyes!

The risk of developing dry eye increases with age and is a chronic issue especially in older adults and senior citizens. You can develop dry eyes from a vitamin A deficiency, as well as from certain medical conditions such as diabetes and Sjogren’s syndrome. It is possible to develop Dry Eye after LASIK Eye Surgery and you should discuss possible side effects of eye surgery with your eye doctor before undergoing a procedure.

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